NET 603 Overview

This course is not located under course links, as it did not require a blog. NET 603 covered IPv4 and IPv6 addressing, and contained a project that required a virtual network to be built.


NET 702 Overview

NET 702 involved the use of the Cloud service, Amazon Web Services, in order to practice and understand how to use a Cloud service for hosting a web page or for implementing an active directory from a template. This course also required a consistent budget update of the AWS account as the account only contained $100 USD free credits, and many different features from AWS had fees associated with them.

RES 701 Overview

The RES 701 course has been informative in teaching research methods, and critically analyzing published documentation in order to evaluate its validity and relevance. This course is a precursor to the PRJ 702 course, and within it, I have developed a proposal for PRJ project.


Today begins a new experience within social media: blogging.

As the title of the blog implies, I am currently doing a graduate diploma in IT, focusing on Networking. As to what that entails exactly, well that’s what will eventually be displayed here.

As I continue to learn and expand my networking skills, the blog page itself will be adjusted and updated in order to maximize the experience for both you the reader, and myself, the blogger.

Thank you for your attention, and enjoy the journey!